Krell knocked off Jeff Rowland

I had an opportunity to see the new Krell productlines. Am I seeing things or Krell designers are having designer block and they're trying knock off Jeff Rowland's design? On to bigger and better things. I also had chance to listen the Jeff Rowland's new integrated amp. The units seems to run very hot. Is it because of the new cleaner designs which has no heat sink fins? What do you felow audiogoners know about this heatsinkless design?
I am not aware of the new JR integrated. There is only one integrated I know of, it's called the Concentra. It has heat sinks, Kind of inverted looking. You're observation that it runs hot seems unusual in that this item was just recently revieved by TAS and the reviewer commented that the unit runs decidedly cool. This is because the thing is so overbuilt (not in a bad way) that it could be goosed to get twice the power if they wanted. Go to the Jeff Rowland site and see for yourself. You can see in photo 1, the amp clearly has heat sinks, just not those shark fins we are all used to seeing.
There is a new JRDG integrated amp called concerto for $ 4000 estimated....looks like that chassis is from model 10 amp. I bet that in few months this new amp will be a talk on town. Jeff Rowland ...still the best
Axomoxa, your are referring to the older Concentra. The original poster is referring to the new Concentra II, it uses the same switch-mode power supply and has the same (heat sink-less) chassis design as the Model 10 and Model 12 power amps. Yes, the new designs do run quite a bit hotter than the older models, but no worse than many other amps I've had around. Give your Concentra II a few inches of breathing room in your rack and you'll be fine.
Sorry Avalon, keep dreaming--the retail price of the Concentra II is $6500US. I believe the previous Concentra was $5600US if memory serves me.
Any high quality tube pre or tube power amps will knock both Krell and Rowland in the first minute of Round 1. And they(tube equipments) run very hot!!!
Amen, edle!
Hello, Brukowski, my pal. Thanks for the support.
Another observation I have on any piece of audio equipment is if it looks extremely extremely extremely pretty, it usually sound terrible!!! Any supporter out there.....
ROWLAND, KRELL, LEAVE ME COLD! INITALLY IMPRESSIVE WITH ETCHED DETAILS BUT NO PACE MUCIALITY OR ANY HARMONIC CORRECTNESS Lamm or cj monoblocks sound better . I'm usuing lamm M2.1 with Lamm ll2 it blows away any krell setup ive heard As satisfying to ther tube lover as cj prem 5 monos with a good preamp but with detail and base control! unreal! no tube hassel and sound you can live with and get into the performance not the reproduction acrobatics of the electronics I have no desire to upgrade IM using martin logan requests biwired with symphony 48 4ft runs from silver audio appasionatas single ended throughout with a meitner bidat and sony dvd 7700 drive the next step up would be transducres kharma or verity with a possible upgrade to lamm tube monos but thats 20 ,000 away for now ihave 90% the next 10% is 50% mopre cash outlay Lamm is the way to go i had levison krell classe audio research vac etc no comparison this is music the way it was meant to be heard harmonics and space to die for!! Look for used lamm its the way to go and no reliabilty problems its a keeper !
I used to have an older Rowland Concentra that did run very hot (say about 50 degrees Centigrade on the outside). I would think that the interior temperatures are quite a bit higher. I liked the sound and the convenience, but sold it to go to an all vacuum tube amp-preamp system (because of the sound). It is true that tubes run hotter, but they are meant to. Solid state devices tend to degrade when subjected to high temperatures for prolonged times.
Dkuipers,I was refering to new integrated CONCERTO just came out at $ 4000 est,it will not replace the Concerta II......