Krell KMA 160 Mono Block - How to connect speaker

These amps have 4 sets of binding post on the back,why is that? If I want to biwire which two sets do I use? The people at Krell tell me for some reason there are two extra sets of Binding post and it dosen't matter which ones I use. There explination just dosen't seem right... Please let me know if you have experience with these amps.


I'd go with what they say, but if someone out there has a manual thay could answer the question quickly enough. Remember the KMA 160 was a mono version of the KSA 80, so when they used the same chassis my guess is they just left the stereo binding posts there rather than leave holes in the chassis. Hopefully they also connected them correctly internally as well. You could open the top and check that out as well, I guess.
Their explaination is right. I own a pair of these. They just did this so that you could easily use 2 sets of single wires for bi-wiring and possibly use different ones for top and bottom. A nice feature--though I never use it.