Krell Kid vs. Wadia 170

Am I better off to go with a krell kid on balanced cables to my preamp or wadia 170 into a DAC to the preamp? If the wadia is the best choice, are there any good digital cables and DAC combos under $1k?
Hi I've never heard the Wadia. but have a Krell kid, just a few days ago I connected the krell kid to my bel canto ref1000 straight via balanced output using the Krell kid just as a preamp and it just knock my socks off the sound was excellent I think that from now on I will use it just like that. the music is as good as a very good cd player and I own a Sony SACD-1. and now I listen to the Krell kid more often. is very well made my set up is Sony SACD-1, Magnepan MMG speakers,Bel Canto Ref1000,Krell KID,and Nordost Quattro fill balanced cables.and by the way try to rip your music Lossles or better it pays off good luck.
Stereo 1964 - Thanks for the response. I have listened to the KID, although not hooked up to my system, and was impressed. However, I am still waiting to listen to the 170 prior to deciding.