Krell KCT vs Krell HTS 7.1

I am interested to create a home theater and have my audio the same quality that I currently have. I have a KCT Preamp and want to potentially replace it with a HTS 7.1. My wife likes this as it is a fiscally responsible effort and as long as I get superior sound would be very interested in doing the replacement.
Does anyone have experience with this comparison. As you know when you go to a store to compare sound it is not your system and they can not match the environment. So i was wondering if anyone had done this or has both that can offer a comparison to the difference.
I own the krell 7.1, it uses the same preamp section from the kct, it was the main reason I bought it, I home auditioed it against the lex mc 12, musicly it was no contest, the 7.1 has the best seperation of instruments that I have listened too, good luck
I use a KCT in my stereo system which feeds an FPB600c and
B&W 801 matrix series 3 speakers with NorthCreek external
crossovers. The HTS 7.1 serves as the home theater pre/pro
with an FPB600 driving the front channels of the HT system using B&W 802 matrix speakers and NC crossovers. I can use
the KCT's theater throughput to compare the differences in
sound of the 2 channel stereo setup and the front channels
of the HT setup. The major diference is the size of the soundstage, which is substantially wider and a bit deeper
with the KCT. I must say, however, that the stereo preamp portion of the HTS 7.1 using the balanced inputs is the best
I have heard in any HT pre/pro.
Looking to buy a Krell HTS 7.1. Please let me know if you happen to know anyone interested in selling.