Krell KCT user help

I was wondering if the KCT can be used with cast and balanced at the same run a pair of stereo amps as monoblocks(vertical bi-amping I believe)
I believe you can. It also has zone 2 out. In addition you can use the Balanced and CAST inputs on the FPBc amps and switch between the two with the remote.
Read the manual for the KCT on the Krell site. It looks like you have to select betweern the two using the remote. CAST is the default.
From the KCT manual:
The KCT preamplifier’s two-zone operation offers a number of listening options.
Play Both Zones
This option allows you to play one input device through both zones or play a different
device through each zone simultaneously, and adjust volume levels for each zone.
so you cannot use cast and balanced in main zone at the same time for outputs but you can use balanced from both zones at the same time if you tell it to.
thanks for the input
Here's what Patrick at Krell told me:
On most if not all Krell preamps and processors, all audio (and video) outputs are always active all the time.

Take care!