Krell KCT question

Two part questions.
I recently bought a new KCT preamp to match my FPB300cx amp. I was using a KRC2 which is an awesome pre in itself. While the KCT does indeed up the clarity, I feel perhaps the bass is not quite as strong. This is using the CAST connection. Has anyone else questioned the sound of the KCT in this respect?

Part 2:
Allegedly the KCT & FPB can be linked with a DIN cable so as to trigger the turn on process. I have read the manual, contacted Krell and hooked, unhooked the 2 amps three times. I can't seem to get it right as to the proper settings or something. No matter what, the FPB amp just stays on when they are connected with the DIN. It will not even turn off with the front on/off button unless I disconnect the DIN cable. Anyone else have issues with this? Thanks for any input/comments.
I can't comment on 2 because I have never felt the need to trigger via this mode.

But for the first issue. I have the KCT CASTed to a 400cx and not having sufficient bass has never been my problem. Are you sure you are not mistaking accuracy of reproduction with lack of bass? How about on recordings that you know are intentionally bass heavy?
What did Krell say about the problem?
Stevecham; I have listened to a few bass heavy tunes and they just seem a little lighter than they were, but it could be what you say about accuracy. Perhaps afer a few more hours of play things will gel a bit better. The pre only has about 40 hours on it. I am plying thru Infinity Rennaisaince 90 speakers which are no slouches in the bass department at 27hz.

Rwwear; Krell basically re-read the owners manual in their email to me. Does anyone out there have theirs linked for auto-delay turn on? I would like the pre to turn on; then the five second delay before the amp fires up. Then the other way around on power down. It is supposed to have this feature, but it eludes me as to how.
Thanks, John
Sorry, I use the remote to turn my 600 on. I leave the pre on all the time.
From what I understand from my Krell manual, when installing the "remote" starting it is imperative that both components be completely turned off. For example, even the main switch on the back of the amp must be in the off position (same as the pre if it has a master on the back). The cable then gets connected and both powered up. If the main on either component is on when you connect the cable while the other is off, the two units won't "learn" properly. Additionally, if you get it to work, then you need to be careful that if you turn one or the other unit off via a method other than via the link, the whole thing needs to sort of be re-set (ie. they both must be put back into being in unison for it to work properly again).

FWIW, I just use the preamp RC to turn on both the amp and preamp. Though I am considering using such a link to turn on my 3 channel amp when I turn on my DVD player (the only time I use my 3-channel amp).
I ran into this same problem a few years ago. The cable requirements are for all five pins hot, and Krell suggested to me the Pro Co line available at However, it still won't work with just the cables. The way to turn on the amps from the KCT is through the 12 VDC trigger, not through the Krell link. To do this you need a device called a Krell Trigger which is approximately $200. This converts the 12 volt output from the KCT to the Krell link input on the amplifier. The MIDI Plus cable goes from the output of the Krell Trigger to the Krell Link input on the amp. Krell sent me the trigger free of charge when they researched the problem as to why my, then, new componenets would not talk to each other. I am not sure why the trigger costs as much as it does, but the system works like a charm when everything is interfaced. Although I have been lurking in these forums for several years, this is my first post.
how to get more bass from preamplifier KCT ?they go with KRELL2250 POWER AMP,and transparent ultra music cable speaker..thanks for support
It is possible that if the bass is tighter and more well defined it might seem like "less"? Sometimes muddy bass can make it sound fuller than it really is.