Krell KCT Preamp vs Krell EVO 222 or 202

Opinions on these if anyone has heard one verses the other or upgraded from one to the other would be running with a Krell cx amp?
Haven't heard the EVO pre amp. The KCT was made specifically for the cx series.
I heard both the kct and the krell phantom with the 750mcx monos. The kct is great for the price, but the phantom is better.
Bret D'Agostino, the designer son of Dan thought the Krell KRC-HR was the best Krell preamp.
The difference between the KRC and KRC-HR is the type of volume control. The KRC used either a motorized Spectrol or P&G potentiometer for level adjustment. The KRC-HR used a R2R Ladder Network volume control.
The KRC-HR in my opinion overall is the best Krell preamp ever made. The KRC-2 isn't in the same league... The original KRC is very good as well not as open and detailed as the HR.
Bret D'Agostino

I found the Krell KRC-HR has superb tranparency but a FLAT 2D soundstage.

I've owned 3 Krell amps over the years but don't like their preamps.