Krell KCT Preamp

I have had my KCT for several months now. I have it on the top shelf so it can breath. The left side is always hotter then hell. Is this normal? You can hold your hand on it, but it shure seems to be hotter then what you would think a stereo unit should be. Other owners please let me know what yours is like. Thanks, John
John, I have not owned a KCT but used to work at a store that sold them. I do recall they ran quite hot. Since you have a ton of parts shoved into a relatively slim box, the preamp heats up. I am not sure, but would guess that the power supply is located on the left side of the preamp. If you are concerned, talk to your dealer or call Patrick Bresnahan at Krell to discuss the matter.
I have own KRELL HT2 Pre-amp in the past and have had the KCT for about a year now. Both of these pre-amps are running quite hot (not warm). I have consulted with Krell and was told this is normal even when it is in idle position.
I also have a KCT and yes it does get quite warm, not hot, on the left side, but after two years of trouble free performance I am not worried. Nothing to worry about. Cheers!
Me too, the left side is hotter. I think one of the best preamps out there. I am very happy with mine that I bought as a demo model from one of the stores I shop at. Mine is older and no problems. When I turn mine on it say's version 1.5 is there a newer version out there?
Thanks for your info everyone. John