KRELL KCT pre is it matching with my Plinius sa102

I have Plinius sa102 and I would like to use the Krell KCT preamp , are there any other users with the same combination, what do you think with this matching ??

My speakers are Sonus Faber Cremona.
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My components are fairly similiar to yours albeit a step down from the range. I have the Plinius SA-100MkIII driving the Sonus Faber Grand Pianos, and I'm using the SOnic Frontiers Line 1 as a pre.

I haven't heard of the Krell KCT pre but I've got a mate who is using Conrad Johnson Premier 14 to drive his Plinius SA-102 and he's always telling me how good-sounding his system was.
thnx ryder, cj 17ls2 is a good choice but I don't have the opportunity to listen it, and from now on, I am only listening in my setup.

Any other thoughts about the krell+plinius combo ?
Hi Kops, I'm currently using a VTL 5.5 tube pre with a SA 102 amp...a great combination when driving my MMGs.
finally I got Cary SLP 98p 2004 latest version, which is an excellent searching for better tubes.