KRELL KCT/ Headphone connection

I have a KCT.  And a KRELL KPS28. When I connect the KPS28 CD player directly to my 
woo wa5le headphone  amp it works fine.   But if hook up my KCT thru the tape out to the
woo headphone amp I get only one channel playing.  I want to use my record player this way.
I have two tape outs on my KCT and 4 imputs into the woo audio.  All configure play only one channel.   KCT to amps feeding main speakers sound fine. All the Krell is cast. But Rca to the Woo audio

I am thinking my KCT is not working correctly,The Tape out anyway
am I missing a concept here

Call Patrick at Krell...he will tell you exactly what's going on!!
Yes Thank You for reply
Patrick at Krell has been most helpful in the past w my KPS 28. When my door mechanism needed repair