Krell KBL or KCT, CAST cable or balanced cable?

Hi all,

I have a Krell KBL hooked up with a pair of FBP 350Mcx using Transparent Reference balanced cables. I am thinking to upgrade to KCT. My question is, does KCT sound superior to KBL? If I bought a KCT, should I hook it up with FBP350Mcx using Cast or my existing transparent cables? Should I expect difference between Cast and the transparent cables? Your help are very much appreciated. Thanks!

KCT will blow away the KBL. Keep the Transparent cable you have, but then get a pair of Transparent CAST cables, not Krell CAST cables and write me back with your findings. I had the same set up at one time and the Transparent CAST destoyed my Transparent Reference XLR interconnects. Good luck and enjoy the dynamics and low end bass detail. Again, avoid Krell's cable as it doesn't sound as good as CAST from Transparent.
From the original Krell literature (circa 2000) about CAST they stated that the characteristics of the cable would not affect the sound. In fact, this was claimed as a specific feature of CAST. At that time only Krell sold CAST cables. Later on Transparent started to offer more expensive CAST cables. I wonder why these "more expensive" cables sound better ?
Anfield, have you listen with your own ears? Until you have, you cannot claim wire is wire. I owned Krell for years and I know that is what Dan said in his advertising pitch, but it just ain't so! The Transparent CAST cable sound superior and I should know, I had them both with the KCT, 28c, 750 monoblocks.
I have heard both the Transparent and the Krell CAST cables in my system (KCT, 400cx) and there was no difference, as auditioned by myself, audiophile wife, and musician friend. Due to the current domain in which this connection works, high impedance ouput feeding a low impedance input, the conductor does not have an impact on the sonics. I stuck with the more cost effective Krell CAST cable.
Transparent CAST is definitely superior. I have been using the Transparent between my KPS-28c and KCT and the sound is unbelievable musical!! When I switched back to Krell CAST - all the magical sounds dis-appeared. I am looking for another Transparent to go between KCT and 400CX (currently using Standard Krell CAST). If you have a pair that does not do anything in your system - email me. Thanks!
Hifimaniac, no I never heard any Transparent cables before and that is why I asked. Stevecham said there was no difference, but both you and Sd2005gt claimed otherwise. Assuming the CAST cables do make a difference, I would be interested to know what Krell's response is as this contradicts their original literature.
Anfield, I believe the difference could be in the type of insulation and solder Transparent uses. The Krell has a cheap rubber outer and the transparent has a different material. I don't think the Transparent is worth the price new, but if you can find them used as I did, then the investment is worth it. A Krell dealer in San Franciso recommended the Siltech version of CAST and they felt it was the best of all the companies licensed to sell the CAST. I think Transparent, Siltech and maybe XLO could make the CAST cable for Krell. I was extremely disappointed with the Krell wire and I am a BIG Krell fan even though I only own the KPS-28C now.
Thanks all of you for your comments and opinions. I sure will try to at least locate a pair of used Krell CAST cables, if not the Transparent CAST (of course I prefer the later more). But bottomline is I am glad that Krell users generally agreed upon that CAST cables are superior than balance cables. Many thanks!
Hi all, one more question. Could anyone please explain to me what the difference is between CAST and CAST II? If I buy KCT and use it with my 350mcx, would I be using CAST II technology with Krell/Transparent CAST cables?

David, yes you would, it's in the pre and amp circuitry, not the interconnect.
Thanks Stevecham!