Krell Kav300i for Audio Physic Virgo?

I have Musical Fidelity A300 driving the Virgos now, will it be a good upgrade to replace the A300 with Krell 300i?
Thanks for all inputs.
I can't comment on the Krell, but I have had a Bat vk200 and currently a bat vk60. Both are awesome with the virgo's.
I've not heard the Krell/Virgo combo, but I suspect it is not an optimal pairing. I also don't think the Krell is much, if any, an upgrade over the MF. I'm not knocking the Krell for it is a fine piece of well built equipment. Consider getting an Audio Research CA50 integrated amp. One of the best in-store demo I ever heard was centered around this combo. Good luck!
I have 2 separate systems: One with a Spectral DMC-20 MkII and two Krell KSA 300S driving Apogee Divas and a second one where I drive my Virgos also with a Krell combo (Krell KRC preamp and KSA-300S amp.) I use Transparent Audio Reference XL cables throughout. I have tested a lot of alternatives for the Virgos (e.g. KSA-100S, KSA-200S, Adcom 5500, ML335, not the KAV300i though) but never came to a sound that I liked more. With the Krell they sound almost as airy as the Divas and have a wondeful balance and detail. Yes it is subjective, but I can only recommend Krell amplification for the Virgo. By the way, Singer in New York used to drive his 'pet' Virgos also with Krell amps (I don't recall which ones.). Also I saw some KSA 300Ss on Audiogon. So you might consider them for your setup.
No you wont be happy with the Krell unless you like bright harsh sound.Look at a tube set up or a tube pre with a solid state amp.Or a Hybrid Integrated/
I have heard the KAV 300i/Virgo setup at Sound by Singer and it was not bad. I drive my pair with a Cary V12/PSE HLS1 combination and I really enjoy the sound. I personally prefer tubes with the Virgos. A less expensive tube integrated like the Rogue Tempest may be a better choice than the Krell. Happy Hunting.