Krell KAV280P - Preamp - need feedback

I am thinking of upgrading to the KAV280P and I am wondering if anyone has one and what is their experience.
My amp is a McintoshMC 352.
My speakers are B&W 804Matrix. Any suggestions ? Any other preamps you might suggest ?
Nice synergy with Krell KAV-2250 amp!You will hear all the
details...dead silent backround, encompasses the listener
with a very three dimensional soundstage!(balanced cable)
The 280p is still breaking in...It is more revealing than
my VTL 2.5 with better bass and a tube like presentation.
My maggie 1.6's opened up with the 280p and I hear more of
whats on the recording of the CD. I think it would be a
nice upgrage for your system! Of coarse the tube preamp with
the solid state amp combo, with a VPI Scout is just hard to
beat!!! so I kept both.