Krell KAV2250 to Pass X250 ?

I currently own a Krell KAV2250 amp with a matching KAV280p preamp. I've always been interested in looking at Pass. I know this is subjective, but would a change to a used Pass X250 (probably 3-4yrs old) and a used Pass preamp be a move down, up or lateral on a sonic and quality basis.

Has anyone heard these two amps to make a sound comparison ?

Thanks, Jim
I have had a ton of Pass gear and some Krell. What makes up the rest of your system...and do you plan on changing other pieces?
I had the krell kav-2250, kav-280P, and kav-280cd combination and made the upgrade to Pass Labs X-250.5 amp with the X-1 preamp with the esoteric X-03SE cd/sacd player. It was a HUGE step up. The Pass Labs gear is much smoother, more musical, and neutral. The kav ( which stands for krell audio video ) stuff in my opinion is very harsh. The Krell FPB 300cx and 400cx are much better (all class A) amps than the kav line, but the upgraded Pass Labs X-250.5 and X-350.5 are my favorite.
I agree with Roor, I also had the Krell KAV-280p & 2250, this combo had plenty of power, but sounded dead/monotone and one-dimensional when directly compared to PASS & BAT Amps on my Wilson Audio Sophia Spkrs. If cost is an issue, then I would go for the KAV-400xi Int. Amp. which in my System, sounded a shade-of-gray below the KAV seperates at 1/3 of the price. The Krell Evolution (& old FPB series) Amps sound infinately better than the KAV, as do the current-model PASS & BAT (and maybe even McIntosh) Amps that I have tried.

I'm suprised that Krell's new S300i Int. Amp. hasn't received much bashing here, the sonics on that thing are more aligned to Kitchen (radio) or College Dorm. Room casual listening, than in a "HiFi System". Made in China doesn't help either. If you look at the listings here - most are being sold immediately after they were bought, or within a week or so...I can't believe that the same Company that makes the state-of-the-art FBI Int. Amp. ($16K) put out this crap...what ever happen to protecting the brand (BMW, Rolex, Wilson Audio, WOLF, Sub-Zero, etc.)?