Krell KAV and B&W 804's?

People seem to have strongopinions about this mix. I am looking to purchase some used equipment and have thought about his compbination. I listen to mostly rock. Is this combination (B&W 804 and KRell KAV 250) a mix worth listening too.

Thanks for any feedback
The B&W 804 is a nice speaker but not one I would lean towards if I listen to mostly rock music.
The match of the KAV-250 amp is very good especially for the used Krell prices. As above, not a great hard rock speaker but does lots of things very well IMHO.
I have the N804's and they are very good speakers with classical, they are outstanding speakers with jazz and pop, and they are good (not great) with rock. I push my speakers with Levinson and I feel that Krell would be as good. It all depends on your taste. All in all you will not go wrong with the combo you've asked about. Peace and Good Listening,Pat. A Proud Vet!!!!!!!! God Bless America!
If you can afford about $1000 more, look for a used Krell 2250, which is the upgrade from the 250a. Even w/ the lousy cables and ICs used by my stereo store, this is a wonderful combo. If you want to save $1000, get the CDM-9s instead of the 804s. Maybe the base is a tiny bit less tight in the lowest registers. I have the 2250, 280p and the CDM9s, with all Siltech ICS, and now all I do is listen to music.