Krell kav-400xi with show case dvd or dvd standad?

i just bought a Krell kav-400xi, i also ordered a pair of b&w cm1.
now i need a cd/dvd player.
1. krell showcase dvd about $850 used
2. krell dvd standard about $1500 used
which one should i take? i play 70% music (cd and ipod) and 30% movie.
thank for your input.
From your musical perspective, I'd go with the showcase. You could also get a bargain dvd player and select another front end for cd/ipod playback...they say the new cambridge cd player is a value. Rotel makes a budget cd player that sounds great as well. Take your time and explore your options. Maybe the sony dvp-n900es?..I think I got it right, would be the best of all since you get dvd/cd/sacd playback in one package for $900??
thank you for your info.
i want to make it krell, no other brand for this setup.
it should be ok for movie if go showcase dvd, but i want to know how it play CDs?
is showcase dvd is good cd player? will dvdstandard worth 2x price to make it a better cd player?
Standard would be a large improvement...go for it!
Hi W,

Well I don't have the standard yet.But Showcase works great for me.I don't even have it connected to TV, Home Theater yet.
Been strictly listenning to it through Krell 300i. Works great. I think it is the best combination if you pair Krell source with Krell amp and rememer use balance cable, not RCA. I've been complaining a lot about the weak bass response of the Proac R3, but after I got the Showcase,everything is taken care. Thanks...Ducchau.
i just read Dave's post, he has 4 krell 400xi at home, but i am not sure if he has dvd standard or showcase to compare side by side.
I own the SACD standard and have had the DVD Standard home as well....the CD section's are very close, both better than the showcase by far!!
I have the 400xi and the Showcase DVD and they sound great together. Never had the Standard, so can't comment there...
For a smaller system, i would get the Showcase and spend the savings elsewhere...

There is no way the is a huge difference in the standard and showcase. This is 2008, amazing equipment at low cost. The difference between these both very high priced items are audible at best. Huge difference would be a $49.00 dvd player vs. the standard. To say its a huge difference is saying the showcase totally sucks and wouldnt be worth spending, $49 for it.

When you listened via balanced and rca did you match levels? I don't believe most people do and therefore 'think' balanced sounds better, when it is actually simply louder at the same gain level.
It is not just louder, but gives a lower noise floor with less audio band contamination for blacker backgrounds and more low level information. Balanced will be an improvement in a balanced system that is properly set up!
Hey Dave_b,

Have you actually tested this and matched levels? I know others have and couldn't hear a difference. Strange. I'll be using a Benchmark DAC in the coming weeks and look forward to doing the test myself.
I have owned many reference class systems with both single ended and balanced. The bottom line is that both can sound wonderful, but balanced brings a heightened sense of presence, palpability, low level detail and contrast...kinda more there there!! If the system used to experience the effect isn't able to deliver the goods then so be it. I have used wilson and dynaudio speaker systems for instance, with both tube and solid state fully balanced components and cabling. The difference may be excused by some who do not give priority to the effect. Some people who listen with a distant perspective and enjoy low volume settings may not hear a difference. If you prefer being immersed in the sound field ala in the front row of the Village Vangaurd then you will require a balanced system.
isn't krell 400xi a bit overkill for B&W cm1's? the krell costs more than twice the cm1's
The Krell 400xi will remain a cornerstone in a system...speakers may change over time. However, if you don't require superior performance then look elsewhere.
That makes perfect sense. A side question though, the Krell outputs 200 wpc at 8 ohms (I think), while the CM1's are rated at 30-100 watts. Can you change the output of the Krell or how does that work?
More power is never an issue. In fact, the more power you have on hand, the less the distortion each driver will suffer. Cone control and dynamic expression will be increased as well, plus if you want to run a subwoofer or two you can use the preamp out connections on the 400xi. It is concievable that in the right room you may not need to ever change speakers.
Whoa, so this has been a total misunderstanding on my part? I always assumed wattage ratings had to fall into the wattage ranges by not only will having more wpc than what is recommended not hurt the speakers, but it could actually help? why do speakers even have an upper limit then?
It gives the user an idea of how much power it takes to drive them and also indicates what the speakers limitations may other words, more power will be cleaner and less damaging to the speakers, but you could potentially still overdrive them. Having less power will present more distortion issues, especially at higher volume levels on demanding material. Bottom line is that you use your speakers within their design limitations no matter what the power rating is...the sound generally get's flat and harder sounding as the speakers compress. For most real world applications, upper output limits should not be an issue unless your a head banger. Knowing your speaker ratings and having plenty of clean power is never a bad thing...abuse comes from ignorance and overdriving your speakers:)
Ah ok, thank you for elaborating and clearing that up :D