Krell KAV-400xi or MF Tri-Vista with B&W or ProAC

I have been juggling in my mind about the above combinations of Amp with either B&W N803 or ProAC D38.
Anybody has heard or used any of the combinations??
I do not have experience with the amps you list, but I have owned the N803's and will give you my experience. I used them with a Levinson No.383 and a BAT Vk200/Vk30, I also heard them briefly with a friends Plinius SA100 and Rogue 99 Magnum, all these were 'ok'. When I swithed to the Rowland Concentra II the N803's came to life, I find this an excellent match! I too was thinking of selling the N803's for ProAc's, but I find the amp change changed the speakers dramatically. You don't list what amp you currently have whereas we could state whether the ProAc's would mate well with it.
This is a no brainer in my opinion:

Get ready for this!!! My local dealer lent me some D38's to break in for him as he doesn't have room at the moment. I am driving them with a UNICO 80watter from Unison Research. They are simply stunning in every sense. I have heard a tonne of gear over the years and so far nothing has compared in this price range. I did listen to the new D100's last night on the Krell 700watt monos and they were impressive but I'd rather have the cash and wouldn't feel like I was missing a lot. If you have the time listen to these speakers on any good quality intergrated, I'm sure you will be impressed.

My two cents

I recently replace my ProAc 3.8s with the new ProAc D80. The D80 is absolutely fabulous and dramatically better than the 3.8. I have not yet heard the D38 but understand that it is an improvement over its predecessor, the 3.8
I just replaced my 3.5,s with 3.8. Huge improvement! My friend replaced his 3.8,s with D-80,s He,s mad because he says my system sounds much better than his! Hes driving his spks with Vac 70-70 , Me with Atma-sphere MA-1,s Is he under powered?