Krell KAV-400xi or Bryston B100 SST ?

My setup Arcam CD33, speakers PMC GB1 listen mostly to rock,indie.
Current amps Arcam A90/p90 combo.
Could be interested in AVI, Anthem or Arcam C31 +P1/P1 also.
T+A PA 1530 R 170 WPC Integrated Amplifier is another option.
Krell KAV-400xi hands down.
Thanks Bobgates !
I haven't heard the Bryston, but the Krell kav400xi is an incredible piece for the asking price! I wasn't a Krell fan, and had always written it off as 'Krell' sound not being to my liking - that all changed when I heard the 400xi!
Pick your poison.
I haven't heard the Bryston, but I have heard the Krell 400xi driving many different High-End Speakers, including: B&W 80X, Revel, Sonus Faber, JM Lab/Focal and Krell's own Resolution and all sounded excellent driven by this entry-level Krell Amp. Don't let the price fool you, this Amp. dishes-out all that could be reasonably needed in all but the very best systems. It's well deserving of it's current "Stereophile Class A Rating"!
I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the above IMHO. The Bryston 100B-SST is simply outstanding and should be listened to, not that the Krell is a slouch. I just think that the 100B is a step up in performance, especially in the area of imaging, and accuray in the upper frequencies. Add to the fact that you are using PMC speakers, and for me it is an easy decision.
The Krell is a great unit but Bryston amps and PMC speakers have to go together.
I am not trying to turn this thread off in another direction, but there has been a number of Krell KAV 400xi's for sale lately. As of this post there are four for sale and one that has recently sold. Are that many people upgrading from the 400xi, or is there another reason. Just curious.
I own the B100SST and have owned the 400xi - to my ears the Bryston was superior. And not by a small margin. Not that the 400xi is bad, but the Bryston sounded cleaner, punchier, took control of the lower frequencies in a way the Krell couldn't. There was a clear delineation of each note, a crispness that is typical of the Bryston sound.

I just wish Bryston made B100SST a little prettier to look at.
According to the Dealers and insiders that I have spoken to at recent trade shows etc., Krell is selling an aweful lot of KAV-400xis, probably more than they would like to admit, since their primary function in the Audio World is the sell $25K Amplifiers not $2.5K Amps. The few people that I've run accross selling their 400xis got a taste of Krell and now want more and are squeezing into Krell seperates.
Krell is a decent amp but you should go with Bryston. Bryston is better and a good match with PMC.
Thanks everyone !
It seems like Bryston is the way to go !
You really need to listen to both. I've got the Krell and really like it. I've not heard the Bryston.

But, it's your ears that need to decide.

Let us know what you end up with.
04-15-06: R3fico
"I own the B100SST and have owned the 400xi - to my ears the Bryston was superior. And not by a small margin. Not that the 400xi is bad, but the Bryston sounded cleaner, punchier, took control of the lower frequencies in a way the Krell couldn't. There was a clear delineation of each note, a crispness that is typical of the Bryston sound."

I think that is why people like the Krell 400xi so much, because it doesn't have the typical flat sound that both Bryston and Krell are so famous for.
I really dont understand your point Lush.
Can you explain a bit more, please !
Many people think the 400xi is one of the most musical intergrated's Krell has come out with. The Bryston, while robust, still carries the Bryston sound. Some people may like or dislike the Bryston house sound (which is very much like the Krell house sound) I guess is that the Krell isn't like a normal Krell. I'd suggest you listen to both.
Ok, thanks Lush ! Have you listened to them both end did you after that end up with the Krell ?
I run a B100sst on a pair of GB1. I have not had the chance to listen to the Krell though I am vary happy with
the Bryston. I have tried many different set-ups(audio refinement/rega/music hall/anthem) on these
speakers and find the b100 works best. it has incredibe imagaging and controll on the lower frequencies, its really clean sounding. I also own a pair of OB1 and it has no problems running them.
Thanks a lot Shmoo ! Thats the suger pappa likes !!!
I have the B100DA and Totem Forest's. Shmoo's observations coincide with mine. To add the DAC option is fantastic.
I have to agree with Bobgates. I owned the 400xi and love every minutes of it. I have been out of the "hi-end " hobby for a few years and trying to make a come back. My first piece is the 400xi. Yeah, it is a different sound of Krell. I lived with kav250 system with love and hate but the 400xi at 55 to 60db sounds quite warm and musical and details. I do hate its cheapo single ended rca jacks.I guess Krell expect 400xi owner will use xlr connection to get the most out of it. I listed the 400xi for sale last couple day since my plan to acquire the Krell SACD standard and the B&W 805 has a financially set back. I am torn between the decision to sell it or to take it off the market. Never heard the Bryston but you should give the 400xi a try. Happy listenning.
I've heard them both to pick one of'em to my mother,who teaches piano.BRYSTON is way better than KRELL.Period.I didn't like KRELL at all!!!
She loved BRYSTON B100 SST's transparency.She said that she's even listening some details in piano playing that she didn't noticed before!
I bought a used Krell 280 CDP couple week ago. XLR hero connected to my Krell 400XI, cannot believe what I hear.Tight bass, open and warm midrange and talk about 3d image, front wall being pushed back few feet. Next step-up is the gorgeous BLACK Krell SACD standard. Sorry Marco, my friend run a hi-end dealer, I try but Bryston is too bright for my ears.
Of course you'll need to put the B100 through a considerable burn-in period,I'd say at least 150 hours before one dares to criticize it.If you heard a new unit it would sound kinda bright...I've connected it with a HOMEGROWN AUDIO Silverlace into a QUAD CDP2 and,four months afterwards...WOW!!!
Silver cables are just great with that BRYSTON gear!!
Marco, Bryston is among the good company that makes their own trade mark for their own sound so is Krell. I bought two Krell 400XI. First few weeks, I have had a hard time to adjust to them with different CDP fron Sony ES, Cary,Rega...and also the ICs too. Finally, I've got the used Krell CDP and I am quite happy with the combination. No ones knock down Bryston but it is more like personal preference. I love the warm and deep soundstage while my dearest friends love the bright and up in your face sounding. Different strokes for different folks. It depends on what kind of sound a person looking for. Enjoy your gears and happy listenning.