Krell KAV-400xi impressions

Does anyone have any experience with this integrated amp? I have not heard this model but I have read good reviews about it. How would you describe the sound? What is this unit known for, good bass, good imaging, etc. I would be using it with PSB synchrony one towers. They are 4 ohms nominal but can get as low as 3 for brief periods of time.

How does it compare with the new 300xi that Krell offers?


I owned it when I owned Magnepan 1.6s. I liked it - Lots of detail, I thought the bass was accurate (not light, not unnaturally heavy). Plenty of power. Sounded good.
When I changed to Martin Logans I didn't like the way it sounded with them. I would say too much detail, clinical maybe?
Whatever you do let it warm up for at least a full hour from when you first plug it in before you do any critical listening, 30 minutes from standby.
Hi Carl,

There is no Krell 300xi, only a S-300i. I have one (I use it in my Home Theater in HT bypass mode to drive my Thiel 2 2 rear speakers). It is well constructed and has the requisite high-current Krell power supply. The metal remote is nicer than any I have seen, much better than the metal one that came with my $11k Ayre K-1xe preamp.

There are several posts on here and/or on AudioAsylum about the S-300i and 400xi that you should read. Some owners prefer one, some prefer the other. Since I have not heard the 400xi, I will not offer an opinion on the comparative strengths of either.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!!