Krell KAV 400xi and B&W N802

Looking to get this combo. Wonder if anyone out there has experience with these. Would consider going to KAV 2250/280P comination, but of course, thats another $4.5K!

Thanks for your feedback.
I've been using the KAV-400xi (& SACD Standard) Bi-wired into a pair of Nautilus 804s in a 16x14x10' room with excellent results. This powerful (400wpc>4ohms) Integrated pairs very well with B&W Nautilus Speakers (up to 802). Don't let its low price ($2,500) fool you, Krell could price this unit @ $4K and it would still be a bargin, its competitors, the MF Tri-Vista & JRDG Concerto Integrateds each retail for approx. $7K. The next real upgrade would be into Krell Class A (cast) components. It's of common opinion that the KAV seperates @ $7K are a slight upgrade from the 400xi but do not merit the substantial cost increase. I recently ordered a pair N803s and have no doubt that the 400xi will be more than enough to make these Speakers sound their near-best in my small/mid sized room. Do make sure that you beef-up your AC connections since this Amp. comsumes up to 1,800-Peak Watts!