Krell KAV 400 xi for Magnepan 20.7's?

Hi,  I am buying a pair of Maggie 20.7s and will be buying a Magtech sometime after the spring of next year.  Until then,  I have a Rogue Pharaoh which I couls sell, or use as a pre-amp with a more powerful integrated such as the Krell KAV-400xi for the time being.  I know it's underpowered and I'll end up selling it.  Any thoughts?

Best regards,  Bob
Im sure itll work fine but krell has always been known as a bit bright, and all the maggies ive owned or used were just a touch bright.  So far Ive liked classe powering Maggies, Ive liked Mcintosh a little bit better and Ive loved the sound of 1.7's with some hefty tube power like the audio valves I used for a few years.  

Although I use tube amps most of the time, I have never known Krell to be bright. I have owned many Krell amps and still do.
I ran my 20.1 with boulder amps and odyssey amps , the boulders were really capable of driving them well and even loud which is rare with Maggie’s. I could not imagine being happy with any integrated bottom of the line Krell running them .     Unless you already have the Krell save up for something better , use the time to place the 20s in your rooms and treat the room.