Krell KAV 300i. Solution to keep the RCA caps on ?

Anyone have any solutions to modify the infamous existing cheap RCA caps on the KAV 300i so they stay put or have anyone replaced the cheap factory RCA's with Cardas All Gold female RCA's ?

Any help would be great.


If you have an early one there is an upgrade available. The new ones are an improvement but still no great shakes. I must say, for a high-end manufacturer, these rca caps are a disgrace, worst I've come across on ANY piece of hi-fi in 40+ years! I have also heard of the Cardas upgrade being successful.
My solution was to sell my 300i. My system is much improved :-)
I also do not like the push buttons on Krell gear.For the price it is amzingly shabby in terms of fit and finish.But I am sure that you can find somebody to put new inputs on and may improve sound as well as your sense of "solidity" and well being.Think Steveaudio was a bit amsrmy without letting us know the full story.Sold my unit many years back but I must say that while I thought mids were mettalic and overall the sound was "clinical" nothing beats Krell in terms of bass performance.I went to tubes and got total opposite in midrange sound but I still miss someof the crystaline terble response which at time copuld be brittle.But the Krell class A/B and the class A even more has firmness ,depth and grip on bass reponse.Look around Audiogon and do a search for modification.You'll get a termendous amount of hits and may see who out there does best job with Krell mods.Maybe give a call to Stan Warren 541 344 3696 and ask him if he has any other mods he can suggest.As former owner of PS Audio and other companies he still mods many different types of gear and while your getting the RCA's repplaced he might know of other worthwhile mods (Caps?elctrical chords?) that coulod be done while it's being worked on.Also Music Fidelity sells a "can" that adds tubes to signal that you might want to experiment with to smooth out the "nasty's" of Krell but hold onto it's virtues (maybe with a 30 day return from Audio Advisor).This intergrated is one the few products I would suggest you might get positive results from byu addiing some warmth and euphonics.I think solid bass would still come through even if treble might be rolled off a bit.But with certain CD's that are brite you might find this a real blessing.