Krell KAV-300i question

Does the IEC power input on the back of the Krell KAV-300i take a 15 or 20 amp power cable? EG is the female piece shell a rectangle (four sided) or a hexagon (six sided) that looks like a stop sign cut in half? In other words does teh KAV-300i take the same power cables as 99% of other audio gear out there, which is the six-sided 15 amp IEC? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
And the Synergistic Research cable makes a very positive difference!
Many of us here on audiogon have found the Pure Note power cords are a great match for Krell. And, yes, it is the 15 amp type.

The Pure Note Sigma PC may no longer be available, as production costs went really high. Contact:
[email protected]
and tell them Richard Diamond sent you. They are great to deal with.