Krell KAV 300i, How reliable is this amplifier?

To all out there with regards to Krell KAV 300i, any problems with your Kav 300i's?
I had one when they first came out and found it to be very reliable, not one problem in the two years I owned it!
I bought one brand new about 5 years ago. After about two years, I moved into separates and sold the integrated to a friend. He still uses it today and it is as reliable as the day I took it out of the box.

Nice Piece!
I bought one brand new and used it for three years before selling to go back to separates with only one problem -- the shielding on the RCA plug ins on the back panel came off on two of the connectors -- Krell fixed it under warranty.
I bought one in 1997, plugged it in, turned it on, shutting it off only for vacations. Used it for just over 5 years and sold it last year. Bought another 300i used later in the year and ran it for 6 months. Never had a problem. Only a change in loudspeakers rusulting in an incompatibility has caused me to move on.
I owned mine for about three years. Bought it new and never had any problem. Because of its fine performance I stayed with Krell when I moved up the food chain to an FPB.