Krell KAV 300i

I would love to hear from the owners of this unit. What do you think of it? Is really a great small intergrated? What speakers are a good choice, and which should I stay away from? Are they pretty maintanence free? Thanks for all your help.

I owned a 300i for about 2 years. I'm from the UK and had read all the reviews, and was kind of lusting after this unit for quite a while. When I came to the US I was able to pick one up for $2k from a local dealer, so was pretty pleased with the whole deal.
I used it with a european speaker - QLN Splitfield signatures, which are easy to drive and excellent speakers in the $3500 range (with stands).
I also used the 300i with a pair of Apogee Caliper speakers which are not an easy load by any means.
To be honest, I found the sound to be cold and not very involving. I'd previously owned pre/power amps from Linn and their sound was much warmer and more musical.
The Krell just didn't make music for me, It was cold and anylitical sounding, it was also average on detail retrieval, I always felt something was missing from the sonic picture. Bass was OK for a 150watt unit, I think all Krells do bass pretty well, but this was low on my priority list - I wanted music that was involving and life-like.
I sold the Krell and took a chance on a Conrad Johnson CAV 50 tube integrated. I'd used a tube power amp before with good results, but bought the CJ on Audiogon without an audition.
What a revelation! - Simply much, much better than the baby Krell in almost every respect.
Warm yet detailed midrange. Pleaseant highs. Good bass. Just so musical and non-fatiguing when compared with the 'brittle' sounding Krell.
Please note that I tried my best to get a good sound from the Krell, with different interconnects, speaker cables and isolation.
The tube sound just does it for me. I know its not everyones cup of tea, but I would strongly recommend that you try and audition a tube alongside the 300i. Try a CJ or a Jolida or something similar.
Good luck!
i've heard the krell 300i some time ago and found it to be a bit forward sounding and fatiguing. the new 300il is a different beast...smoother sound, warmer and more powerful. it should have no trouble driving any speakers. i believe krell offers good aftersales support .i guess you have to like the ''krell'' sound....
I have had a 300i for six years. It's been on for about 5 and a half years with no problems whatsoever. I've used it to drive Sonus Faber Minuetto, Concerto, and Electa Amator I speakers thru single single and double runs of OCOS cable. My sources have been Linn Karik/Numerik, NAD S500, Krell KAV 250CD/2, Linn LP12/Klyde and Basis 2000/Lyra Clavis with aKrell KPE reference, Rega P3/Clearaudio/CREEK OBH 9. Everything but the NAD has sounded great together, it sounded somewhat confused.

I have heard noticable improvements by the laying on of a shakti stone, the use of Purist Audio Elementa interconnects and Synergistic Technology power cord and balanced interconnects.

In my large room, 20x30x12 I get a soundstage as good as the recording. The Chanticleer guys, for instance, spread out across the speakers and beyond sometime two deep sometimes not. I think the warmth of the Sonus Fabers are a good match for the perceived "coldness" of the Krell. I'd buy as much Sonus Faber as your budget allows.
I owned one for 5 years and it was great and can push anything. I used the Andra I . I sold it to go to the Mcintosh 6850 which is more natural sounding to me - maybe not as bright, But I still remember it as a good unit especially for the build quality and price. I never had a single problem with it.