Krell kav-300cd transport problem

I have a Krell kav-300cd. Yesterday the door on the transport wouldn't open. A few clicking noises, but no movement. I removed the top cover to do a visual check. No signs of any issues, the clicking noise I assume to be some gear or cog in there trying to engage. Many of the parts on the transport say Teac.

Has anyone any experience with this issue? Could I be lucky and there is a replacement available at a reasonable price? Looks like it shouldn't be very difficult to install? Is this really a Teac transport? I'm in Seattle. The unit was purchased new from Magnolia, in the heady days before Best Buy. I called them, but they offer no service and directed me to Krell. I called Krell but no return call yet. I talked to Steve at The Service Department, who worked for Krell for quite sometime and he quoted me $90 for the part and 3+ hours labor at $80/hr and an 8 - 10 week turn time. I have no reason to doubt his veracity. I am not a certified technician, but I must be missing something that requires 3+ hours of labor to do this job. This is my first post. I looked through all the past threads on the KAV 300 before writing this but couldn't anything to help. I would appreciate any info you might have.
You shouldn't have any problem putting a new transport in yourself. Look the unit over and see if you can find what model it is. Once you have that, you can probably find one on ebay. If not, call Krell and see if they can tell you what model transport they used in your player.
Removing and replacing the transport is a straightforward process. I'd take the transport out and look to see what's binding the movement and fix it if possible. Maybe some fresh lubricant.
If this doesn't get it working I'd go with ZD's advice. Check ebay and/or call Krell to see if you can purchase a replacement. Good luck.
Kav-300cd uses a TEAC's CMK-4 transport.