Krell KAV-3001 left-channel cut-out

While moving this amp with the power on I noticed that the left speaker cable connection was loose - after tightening the connection the left-channel of the amp went dead! For every input there is no left channel output. Diagnosed the problem by switching the speaker outputs and the right channel works fine. It's definately a problem with the left output.

I presume this is caused by a blown tube inside the amp, but as I have practically no experience with high-end amps can anybody else offer diagnosis/assistance with fixing this?

My main concern is where I can have this fixed and the cost. Does the entire unit need to be shipped to manufacturer or can a shop open this up to replace a tube?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Ken M.
I have experienced this cutout of the left channel as well but I was able to correct the situation by manipulations on the remote control. You should use the remote, manipulate both the volume as well as the balance control and the dead channel should come back to life. Any manipulations on the unit itself will not be able to bring about a fix. If this does not work, then you really have a dead channel.
Umm, there are no tubes inside Krell gear my friend.
I've called the retailer of the unit, and besides clarifying for me that there are no tubes in Krells (thanks Stevecham) the opinion is that it could be a blown fuse. I didn't realize that each channel had a fuse, otherwise I may have suspected that earlier on (I figured one fuse for the unit, so if blown I wouldn't have gotten any signal).

I'm gonna try the configuration on the remote first. Thanks for the advice Jimjenjr.

If that doesn't do it then I probably need a fuse.
As far as I know the fuses are inside the unit, and I'm not about to open it up. Back to the retailer for repair I suppose.
In my opinion:

I would, without question,send it to Krell.

The unit isn't that heavy, and sending it to them will insure that it is properly fixed and any problems unknown to you will also be fixed or upgraded.

The service department at Krell is the best that I have ever come across!!

Try to find some fuses blew off and replace new fuses and it'll wotk fine. Trust me.