Krell KAV-250a/Thiel 3.6 questions

Anybody out there running Thiel 3.6's with this amp? I've put together my first HT with 4 Thiel 3.6's and an MCS-1. I'm driving them all with a KAV-250a 2-ch amp and KAV-250a/3 3-ch amp. My preamp is the 5.1 version of the Krell HTS. The previous owner was using these speakers in a HT with a Theta Dreadnaught. I've just replaced two mid-range drivers in the front channels and am wondering if I just pushed the volume a little too far or if I've got a synergy problem???

Speaker cabling is Audioquest Bedrock and ic's are audioquest diamondbacks.

Can an amp thats starving for power torch drivers like this?
The KAV-250a is not good enough for your 3.6 You need some real power.

Good luck.
If the 250/a is so not good enough, I'd like to hear if there are others running the KAV-250 to chime in with what they've found speaker-wise that works with this amp. Any and all input is welcome, I'm just trying to learn here.

My pair of Thiel 3.6's arrive Wednesday. My current amp is a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista M3 - wait a couple of weeks and I'll say if it would work with them or not!