Krell KAV-250a/3 or Proceed HPA3

I have an opportunity to purchase a Krell KAV-250a/3 for almost half the price of a Proceed HPA3. I need one to power my B&W N804 and HTM-1 speakers. I've heard the Proceed. Loved it. Unfortunately I have no way of listening to the Krell. The question is, is it worth buying one site unseen? I know this is anethama for many of you, but bear with me please. Economy is tight, but I REALLY need a good amp NOW for these speakers. For your knowledge, I am using a Proceed AVP now for surround preamp. Not sure if Proceed plays best with Proceed or if pairing the AVP with the Krell would be like fire and water. Thanks.
I can't comment on the HPA3, but I'd give the thumbs up on the KAV-250a/3 - it's an excellent amp, IMO, would drive the B&W's nicely and at the used price is a great bargain. -Kirk
Krell KAV is a good amp (a little brighter and less punch) with B&W speakers than the Proceed HPA's. The Proceed is also a more musicial amp. I wouldn't buy until I could listen to the amp, even if it is half the price. Good Luck.
I love both of my 250a/3's driving my B&W matrix series home theater. B&W & Krell has a great mating capability.
Honestly, I was set on getting the Proceed until I saw the deal for the Krell. I demo-ed an AMP 5, and it did for my speakers beyond even what my Bryston 4B-ST could do. It was amazing to me to hear more detail and bass control from an amp with half the power. The only thing stopping me now is the price for the Proceed HPA. Any comments on the Proceed BPAs? Didn't they win editor's choice award from Stereophile Guide to Home Theater? I could go with the AMP5, but perhaps the BPAs would provide even more channel separation--and an even cleaner sound when listening to 2ch music? The Krell is a good deal, but I agree with Rmonceaux's assertion about not buying before listening. Perhaps this is one that I should let pass.
Krell is hi-fi. Proceed makes music. Your choice.
Go for the Proceed Hpa 3 over the Krell
Proceed Amps have a better resale value
over the Kav series from Krell. Sound
of the Hpa 3 will fit better with your
B&W speakers, I use a similar setup.