Krell KAV 250 cd player owner, help

just bought a pre-owner KAV 250 CD player from here. It works and sounds great. However, I found out the remote doesn't works. I don't know if the owner gave me a wrong remote or the remote itself doesn't works.

I am wonder if any KAV250 CD players owner out there can lend me your remote to test it out. I am willing to pay for the shipping and little amount of $ for thanks. After i found out what happen, I could program it into my universal remote and give the remote back to you.

if you would like to help a Krell owner as you are. please let me know by email me at Thanks a lot.

I own krell transport but not same model as yours,all I can say is to call Patrick at Krell (service department).
He is a great guy that will help you.Most of the time you will have to leave a message and he sure calls back.He did with me not one but three times .Phone number 203-799-9796.
Have you tried new batteries?
Thanks for your reply. The first thing I did was change battery. I also contact Krell and they reply me pretty quick. Their option is to buy a new one from them which is $75. Well, doesn't sound that expensive for a Krell product. But when i think i will input it in my universal remote anyway and it will hide in the draw for the rest of its life. I don't know if i should spent this $75.