Krell Kav 2250 vs Odyssey Stratos Extreme Mono

Im looking for a new amp. My music taste varies,but I
Listen Mostly to Jazz,From Patricia Barber to Wayne Shorter. My current amp is an Aragon 2004MKII.Speakers
are B&W Matrix 804s/MIT MH-750 cables and MI-330 i.c.
Current Pre Aragon 24k.
Here's my Short List: Krell Kav 2250
Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono
Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monos
I'm a consumer and have reviewed the Stratos Extreme Monoblocks right here on Audiogon. Here's the link: Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblock Review I love them. (No firsthand experience with Krell)
I've heard both and feel the Odyssey Stratos has a more natural, musically satisfying presentation.