Krell Kas II's and FPB

Hi Folks:

Has anyone ever compared, with the same reference material, the sound of the Krell KAS II monoblocks and the original FPB series amp's? 300 or 600?

Thanks as always.

I owned the FPB 300 and the KAS-2. It's been years since I had them though. I would say that the KAS2 had tremendous bass control and slam but presented images that seemed to be flatter, with less of a three dimensional holography. The FPB300 also seemed a touch warmer and rounded in comparison.



I have owned both, kas and a FPB 600, both were dynamic sounding, the mono's were greater in bass and mids with flatter highs, the 600 was I feel better highs and mids with less heavy bass, on another note, I liked 1 unit vs. 2. Not all speakers are compatable with all amps.
I had 600c and sold it for 700cx. Cx amps are darker sounding and smoother in the top and mid. The 600c had in compairson to 700cx, a sting in the top and slightly harder tone with a tendency to grain that 700cx had not.
I used the units with KPS 25sc. Later on sold the KPS 25sc and used KCT and KPS 28c. The cx series are better than c series IMO.