Krell KAS-2

To all,

I recently bought a Krell KAS-2 (Krell Audio Standard -2) and I have some questions about this amps:

1. They run very very hot. I can hardly touch the amps. Touching them does nt feel comfortable so I guess they will be about 50 degrees celsius or more. My room is now 27 degrees in the summer, so everything does get more hot than normal. Is this normal that the amps run so hot ?.

2. The big meter is working fine but none of the bias leds is lit. I measured the voltage and there is also no voltage on it, no matter how loud I play. On my speaker (Wilson Puppy 6) I can play very loud since the speaker has a high sensitivity and therefore I do not need to much power. But even playing very loud does not make the bias leds lit on both of the monos. Is this a problem, could it be that the bias control is not working. Do I need to sent it for service then.

Please give me some more information about the above mentioned items. The amplifiers run very fine but I am just worried since I bought them second hand from a private seller.

These models run hot.This is normal. As far as the bias Krell Service Dept. @ 203-799-9954.

I am very tempting by bying a pair of KAS-2. I am wondering if you contacted Krell and if your amps are still that hot ?!?

Thank you for all information and comments you can have on these amps.