Krell K-300i vs. other integrated amps under 10k

I am looking for an integrated amp to drive my home theater L and R channels (Focal in wall with beryllium tweeters) as well listening to HIfFi using aforementioned speakers and possibly other speakers that I own. (SF Elipsa, Diapason, Focal utopia)

Options include MAC 7200 and Krell K300i and Hegel 360. I’m leaning to Krell.

I haven’t seen many reviews on the Krell, aside from Stereophile.

I’m unclear if Krell is a true Class A vs. class AB. There are reported overheating issues with this model, and it is reportedly voiced warmer than a classic Krell.

I won’t be able to audition either before buying.

I would appreciate any information on these amps especially pairing them to Focal beryllium tweeters.


The KRELL uses the iBias that is why it can generate the high amount of Class A. These guys out of Asia are doing something similar (for $30K).

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I kept the KRELL for exactly a year. My office does not work with integrate amps due to my rack and speaker location so that was another reason I did not keep the K-300i.

I have heard old KRELL at shows but never owned it. I owned a lot of Bryston in the past. I heard a few Hegel's in the past and I would say it is not as warm sounding nor as smooth sounding. The KRELL XD line is one which never gives me fatigue. It is not soft sounding either. I think it is the Class A that I am enjoying so much.

I do not like MAC at all.

I purchased the K-300ki from @yyzsantabarbara and could not be more thrilled with it. IIRC, the K-300i was the first product that used the iBias circuit although they may not have used that term in the original K-300i literature (or maybe even now). I heard that directly from Krell. They’ve got something special on their hands.

Like yyz, I suspect it’s the Class A sound I’m liking, but I have never heard a traditional class A amp, so it’s only a guess. But forever, I’ve read near universal praise for the SQ of Class A amplification (when well-designed of course) among audiophiles who appreciate solid state. Excessive heat and weight were the form-factor drawbacks. Krell iBias eliminates both, it seems. BTW, overheating issues are news to me. I never came across that and have not had that issue. I leave mine on full time.

Irrespective of why it sounds great, the K-300i is simply stellar in my opinion. I read reviews, spoke with dealers who carried the Krell and had also heard gear and/or were dealers of gear I knew well (so we could discuss how the Krell compared). I also spoke with owners (yyz) and read their posts here on AG. Do a search for K-300i in forums. Bottom line, I believe all the high praise for the K-300i is warranted.
I was planning to buy from a dealer who offers a return policy but decided instead to take a non-refundable plunge by buying used. It has panned out, to say the least.

Smooth as butter, yet punchy, detailed, holographic. It’s not bright at all, but not rolled off either. Nice sweet highs if it’s in the recording.

My only source is an Innuos Zenith streaming Qobuz. The Krell responds noticeably to cords. I tried 2 I had on hand. So you can optimize your SQ with cords to reach a sound you like with your Be tweeters.

If you’ve not done so yet and are interested, there are some good testimonials about the K-300i at the Krell website. FWIW, I concur with them.

good luck.

@rc22 thanks for encouraging words. I needed to hear that. 
how is the built in streamer and app? Have you tried to use that option ? Is there AirPlay ? Does the absence of the volume knob bother you ? How about the remote ? It seems bulky and not particularly user friendly. I have old Krell remotes from KRC-3 pre amp, I wonder if it would work. Do you keep the amp on indefinitely? My KRC-3 doesn’t even have a power button, it’s meant to be always on. 

We sell the k300 and sell paradigm and focal loudspeakers both use Beryllium tweeters


We also sell a ton of integrated amplifiers. 

We sell coda,naim, krell, hegel and many others 


The krell k300i is just a fantastic performer

Great amp great dac roon mqa Bluetooth hdmi inputs


The k300i is one of those products that is a perfect home run


In our shop you would have to spend 10k more to find a series of amp dac and streamer to beat the k300i yes it is really that good



krell dealer 



@Dave and Troy

In the early 2000’s and late 90’s, we carried Krell in our stores. They wowed some and fatigued us. They were what I’d call "pitchy" toward the upper octaves creating an unpleasant stridency. We were comparing them to some of the other amps we sold being ARC, Manley, Quick Silver, etc. The Macs seemed like people singing thru a pillow back then but I guess they may have changed as well.

The Krells were so "speaker dependent" back then, we paired them mostly with Spendors to acquire a better sound. 

At any rate, I am curious as to what Krell did to tame down their amps because what I’m reading speaks of a different voicing presently.