Krell K-300i vs. other integrated amps under 10k

I am looking for an integrated amp to drive my home theater L and R channels (Focal in wall with beryllium tweeters) as well listening to HIfFi using aforementioned speakers and possibly other speakers that I own. (SF Elipsa, Diapason, Focal utopia)

Options include MAC 7200 and Krell K300i and Hegel 360. I’m leaning to Krell.

I haven’t seen many reviews on the Krell, aside from Stereophile.

I’m unclear if Krell is a true Class A vs. class AB. There are reported overheating issues with this model, and it is reportedly voiced warmer than a classic Krell.

I won’t be able to audition either before buying.

I would appreciate any information on these amps especially pairing them to Focal beryllium tweeters.


I just sold my KRELL K-300i and bought the KRELL Duo 175XD stereo amp. If KRELL is to be believed the K-300i has the first 90 watts in Class A. The 175XD is supposed to have ALL 175 watts in Class A.

The following comments can be applied for either the K-300i or the 175XD. The new KRELL XD lineup is warm, but it has good detail and power. The K-300i drove my Thiel CS3.7 well, but my room is small. It never overheated but that maybe a function of me not cranking it too loud. My speakers really cannot tolerate very high SPL so I had no qualms.

My separates gear is better than the K-300i. The 175XD + CODA 07x preamp does sound better to me than the K-300i. After a few amp + speaker permutations I was last using the K-300i in the bedroom as a headphone amp. I got a good deal to get the 175XD and got it with the idea of using it as a headphone amp in my office. However, after comparing my CODA #8 vs KRELL 175XD on my Thiel CS3.7. I decided that I wanted to use the 175XD on the Thiels and the CODA on the headphones. I even had the CODA #8 on sale last week, to raise funds for some gear, but had a change of heart. Though I need to sell something.

The KRELL will be a great match with BE drivers. I was thinking that the K-300i would have been great with Paradigm Persona speakers that I demoed in the past. Those speakers were a little hot for me with the gear I demoed. The KRELL would have tamed those BE drivers.

The person who bought my K-300i was amazed how good it was. He bought it based on the glowing reviews and also after talking with me on audio stuff for a while.



How long did you keep your Krell K300i? 

Have you ever heard the classic krell Class A sound? 

I find it hard to believe their claim of 90W in pure class A without heat. I thought the whole point of class A is inefficiency which produced the best sound. 

Can anyone else compare above MAC7200  to Krell and Hegel

The KRELL uses the iBias that is why it can generate the high amount of Class A. These guys out of Asia are doing something similar (for $30K).

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I kept the KRELL for exactly a year. My office does not work with integrate amps due to my rack and speaker location so that was another reason I did not keep the K-300i.

I have heard old KRELL at shows but never owned it. I owned a lot of Bryston in the past. I heard a few Hegel's in the past and I would say it is not as warm sounding nor as smooth sounding. The KRELL XD line is one which never gives me fatigue. It is not soft sounding either. I think it is the Class A that I am enjoying so much.

I do not like MAC at all.