Krell K 300i Vs Hegel 390 Help

Hello friends of the forum, how are you?
I am in the market interested in these two amplifiers:
1- Krell k 300i
2- Hegel 390
I would like to hear comments from those who have tried them.
It would be to replace my Rotel 1592 and handle my Bowers 805 d3 speakers
Thank you very much
However, HiFiNews rated the $6k Cambridge Edge A as the sonic equivalent or nearly so of the Hegel H390’s pricier big brother and brand flagship Hegel H590, where the H590 is about double the cost of the Edge A. So perhaps the Edge A is the one to get, if you believe reviews.
I haven’t heard the new Krell 300i.  I just sold off the former Krell Digital Vanguard.  Thinking of buying the Hegel H390.
How about throwing the McIntosh MA7200 into the ring? (Close-minded and biased MAC haters need not reply!) All that Class A output on that Krell makes for a very hot amplifier, no? Seems like that heat sink is just not big enough. For about the same cash, you can get the MAC with its autoformers and upgraded DA2 DAC. That thing will run, pedal to the metal, all day and then some without breaking a sweat. 
I love my Krell K300I with Monitor Audio PL300II and my sources are Marantz SAKI Ruby sacd and TT15S1 turntable. Only issue I have with the k300, no phonostage. Other than that great amp. I also got mine with the digital package which I’m just getting to know, but like so far. The pre-outs I will use for a new subwoofer in the New Year. 
The KRELL K-300i is fantastic. Going to go listen to it now in bed since it is my over the top headphone amp for my RAAL SR1a headphones. It was amazing on my floor standers but I cannot use an integrated amp in that setup. I could not get myself to sell the KRELL is it too good.

The KRELL does not run hot, a little warm only. I have it stuffed into a closet in the bedroom without any concern for heat issues with it.