"Krell" is a buzzword

When I look at how the posts involving Krell deteriorate to the point of civil(actually not so civil) war, I have to say that "Krell" has become a buzzword. It seems as if you just have to mention the name, and the mobilization begins. Sooner or later the insults sink to the level that make the thread completely unrecognizable from the original question. I am more neutral than not on Krell(probably not many of us around). Used to dream about them in my bigger is better solid state days, but have since moved in other directions. Now I am a definite tubeophile, and don't even think about Krell. But, I don't say you cannot build a great system around their products. Just have to apply the right surrounding components. But don't you have to do that with many brands of amp? So, do you agree that Krell has become a buzzword, and why?
Thanks Cornfedboy. My impression is that people object to the "character" of Krells as opposed to their quality (the latter being more obviously the case with of Bose), but the distinction may be difficult to maintain. I am actually more a fan for Alfa than I am for BMW (again for character reasons, not for quality) - but it is hard to fault Rolexes on any level except perhaps their bulk (we are talking character again). But I do not have your level of experience with Krell and so bow to your superior knowledge on this point.
Margin, it was a joke, and I have no margin account, that's only for gamblers. I like to invest my OWN money, not borrow someone else's to gamble away. Greed doesn't drive a real investor anyway....greed is for criminals. The desire to participate in commerce, and build a profitable portfolio is an honorable one, and I suspect that you missed that life-lesson a long time ago................No, I disagree that Krell is "just in it for the money". Who are you, their analyst? How could you possibly know what their profit margin is, or what their gross income is at any given time? Admit it, you just don't like Krell because it's a large manufacturer of solely highend equipment, and didn't get swallowed up by a conglomerate like Harman, the way Levinson did...and somehow you are jealous that you couldn't have a company of your own as nice as this one. Krell is sort of like Porsche, the last autonomous manufacturer of sports cars, THE WORLD OVER. Times got tough for them, and they still didn't need Fiat or Ford to bail them out (the way Ferrari and Jaguar did). They survived on their R&D, and always stayed in the black, even when per unit car sales went south in the late 80's. Krell is a solid company that builds quality products, and knocking them proves how petty and loathesome their know-nothing detractors are...at least for me it does. I've seen them for years, since long before the internet was popular. What is said here to discredit Krell, is noting that hasn't been said by hundreds of others over the last 15 years or so. None of you are saying anything new, and yet people still like their product. Go figure...
Carl, I've got to disagree with you on this one. Sky high valuations in the market (or used to be in NASDAQ,s case) show that a lot of investors have been overcome by greed and speculation. BTW, I don't mean to suggest that this includes you. IMO, investing in anything is a gamble of sorts as one is trying to predict future events. In the NASDAQ case people who got in late combined high risk for a chance at low percentage gains - a recipe for disaster. They lost even if they didn't buy on margin. Check out gold and silver investments for medium risk with high possible percentage gains (>5:1 upside). This is true as they are trading as historical low values. Long dated silver call options look especially attractive (>10:1 upside). I agree that a small company like Krell must be doing something right to have survived this long. This in spite of being based out of a high tax location like Connecticut.
hey redkiwi, as an owner of 3 alfas, yer a man i can really respect! :>)

regards, doug

My portfolio is mostly in the Nasdaq exchange right now, and it was still up until yesterday, and I espect it to go up at least 100% in the coming year. I disagree that the word "greed" describes the investor's motivation. Greed implies a selfish desire to take from others, and this is not the investment model.