Krell iBias or Mark Levinson 533/535H series amplifiers with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?

I have been trying to read up as much as i can on both of these amplifier lines but it doesn't seem there are many who have heard them both.  I am currently powering Aerial Acoustics 7B and CC3B speakers ( hopefully upgrading to 7T speakers) and i was wondering what the synergy would be between these two amp lines.  Krell has the Chorus 5200 and 7200 and Levinson has the 535H.  There are also the 532H and 533H -vs- the Krell Duo 300i that can be considered as well.  

My system is primarily for HT with music listening as a secondary priority, but i still want it to blossom when i am just running the towers and enjoying my tunes.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks in advance!!


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I used a Proceed HPA3 with my Aerial LR5’s and the combination was excellent. From what I’ve been told the HPA series was basically Levinson in a different case.

I now have an ATI signature that is equally as clear, open and dynamic. They really open up my Aerials polite top end.
I actually felt I gained a bit of dynamics and mid-bass slam going to the ATI signature. My proceed was aging though and could’ve benefitted from a cap replacement. Regardless, it gave nothing up to the proceed.

The proceeds are indeed repairable. There are replacement channel modules available that when replaced will buy 15 more years of service. Pyramid Audio in Austin, TX can handle any repairs you may need. The proceeds are a great value at their selling prices.

Theta may be good, but they’re Uber-expensive. If you’re mainly HT I bet you’d never hear the difference. Save your money. I still prefer to stay with class A/B gear and decided to go with the ATI signature. No regrets!

Best wishes in your search and I hope you’re happy with your final decision.
My Datasat amp and my ATI signature amp sound pretty much identical. They are basically the same amp except for the Datasat having a cooling fan and some additional connections to match their Pre/Pros. If looks are important the datasat wins hands down.