Krell iBias Amp Dependability: An Informal Survey

The Krell Duo 300 XD has been the biggest, brightest jewel in my audio crown for the past three years. What it does (when it does it), it does it superbly. But I'm about to send the unit back to them for the third time due to maintenance issues. The latest problem is a power supply failure, which is different than the previous two issues which both had to do with the amp overheating. I'm wondering if it's just this particular copy, this particular model or if there are broader quality control issues going on with Krell's latest generation of iBias amplifiers that others here are also struggling with. I'd prefer this not turn into a "let's all rag on Krell" forum just for the sake of venting. Rather, I'd like to learn whether this is a common issue that, to my knowledge, has yet to be discussed on this forum or if this truly is just a bad apple that I had the misfortune to buy. If anyone else has experienced repeat problems with their amp within the line of iBias products, please chime in. 

My system consists of:
PS Audio Digital Link III D/A converter
PS Audio NuWave phono preamp
Classé preamp
Krell Duo 300 XD (plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit) 
Mangepan 3.6 speakers
Nordost interconnects and speaker cables

I can only speak about my experience.  I bought the Duo 175xd a few months ago and have experienced no problems (knock on wood). Krell seems to have a good reputation for customer service based on Audiogon comments.  I you haven’t done so already, you should call and speak to Walter Schofield the COO. I spoke to him while trying to make a purchase decision and he was very helpful. Good luck!
Thank you for the response, fast. The lack of negative responses so far has been encouraging.

I agree with the notion that Krell's customer service has been strong, minus the repeat failures of this particular unit. But all the same, I'd prefer that I didn't have so much experience in this area! 

In the interest of staying within the normal chain of command, I'll forgo calling Mr. Schofield at this time. Although his reputation suggests that he's very approachable and helpful, and that speaks volumes to the reputation of the company as a whole.

The dealer I purchased the amp from is working with a Krell rep to try and get some relief from the shipping charges required to send the unit to them (Krell pays the charges to send it back to the owner). That will be most welcome given that I'll end up paying what a lesser amp costs just to have this one fixed repeatedly. 

Time will tell, but I'm hopeful.