Krell HTS2 vs McIntosh MX120?

How would you compare one against the other? Right now, I have the HTS2 and I may have the chance of getting a MX120. I do like the Music Mode in the Krell. Does the MX120 have something similar?

I have a MC205 amp, and thought the MX120 might be more reliable and a match to the amp.

The Krell runs so hot it is past the point of touch in some spots.

Any 'input' is sincerely appreciated.

Being a Krell user myself (HTS 7.1), I'm not certain that you will gain much by going to the MX120... yes, McIntosh does make some really nice gear, but this seems to be a side step, not really upgrade (or downgrade for that matter).

Do you have any McIntosh dealers in your area that might have a MX120 for you to borrow home? Or can you bring you HTS2 to the dealer and do an A-B listen?
I tend to agree with you about side stepping rather than upgrading, and after some thought and homework I'd be wasting money.

How reliable has your 7.1 been?

Extremely reliable. Haven't had a single glitch since I bought it well over a year ago. Sound quality never stops to amaze me. In pure stereo mode, I really can't hear the difference between connecting the Wadia directly to the amp (via Cardas Cross balanced) or if I connect it via the Krell (again Cardas Cross balanced); it's that clean.