krell hts2 or modwright swl 9.0SE for pre

Would appreciate your thoughts on these preamps. 2 channel music is my passion but also watch a few movies/month. The modwright has a HT bypass mode. Don't really know how this works as I have always used the coaxial digital input of my arcam av8 pre/pro for movies and the bypass mode appears to be analog. I hear the krell is superb for 2 channel music. If I choose this route I could sell the arcam whereas I would have to keep it for the modwright. Still leaning toward the modwright and replacing the arcam with a lesser pre/pro for movies.

My other components are piega c-8ltd ribbon hybrid speakers, hram modded denon 3910, and an aloia 15.01 amp. My room is appx 14.5x21.5x9'and is treated with realtraps standard minis. I listen to acoustical and voice mostly. Thanks in advance. Twc
The Modwright is a state of the art linestage. I haven't heard the Krell but I can't imagine any pre/pro coming close in sound to the SWL 9.0SE.
Good luck,
There are no SSPs made that can compare to even an average
2 channel preamp. The 9.0SE Is one of the best 2 channel
preamps I have heard and currently own.

The HT bypass allows for your surround processor to be ran
through the 9.0SE for your front left and right speakers.
Your surround processors inputs would be used for the center and surrounds only. This allows you to have both a great
Ht setup and great 2 channel sound in one system.

Hope this helps and good luck.