Krell HTS vs. Proceed AVP

Has anyone done a real comparison between these two top of the line processors? Any other suggestions would also be appreciated. I need a processor only for HT, not for 2 channel.
Being in the market to purchase a pre/pro, I have a listened to both units within the past week. I found the Proceed to be FAR BETTER sounding than the Krell (I don't know how Krell manages to stay in business - maybe it's the blue light!). The Proceed did color the sound a bit, and it was certainly not as open as a high-end 2 channel pre-amp. However, for what it cost, I found it quite good. On the other hand, the Krell sounded thin, poor sound stage, and a terrible low end. The unit I am most impressed with (so far) is the CAL CL 2500 SSP. The problem here though, is that after you purchase the (required) external CL 2500 VSW video switch, your into it for a minimum of $6,000 - $7,000. Other than being expensive, this is a great unit. Good luck hunting! Ken
You said for Hometheater only, I'd get the Lexicon MC1: KING OF ALL HOME THEATER. Check it out and compare.
I've heard so many pre/pros. I ended up with an HTS with Krell amps. In my search, I found that the HTS and Proceed can sound good or bad depending on the configurations used in the listening rooms. I actually believe that both units are good, but I found the HTS to image so much better and offer much more air and transparency than the proceed. In my home with all Aerial speakers and Cardas wiring, there's not a hint of any of the negative attributes to which Ken alluded. Although, I do agree with Ken that the Cal unit is nice, but I still give the nod to the HTS. I do not find the Lexicon to yield the high end sound we expect. I was going to get a Theta Casablanca, but I have a problem with the company that I will not elaborate on. Overall, the HT area is changing so much, it's hard to know what the future will bring.
Go for the Krell. Their service is incredible! World class. I have the Audio Video+Standard(pre-owned) and I needed a new fan for it. They sended one with FedEx for free. And I live in Sweden! And the sound? Buy one and find out! =D
If, as you say, 2ch music is no factor, go with the Lexicon MC-1. HTwise it is incredible. Remember, we are talking about HT, you don't want to know what I think of it for 2ch. It's hard to beleive how good this unit is for HT. If 2ch were a factor, I keep hearing great things about the CAL CL-2500 SSP. I haven't heard it yet, but there is no way it's better for HT (only) than the MC-1.