Krell HTS, Lexicon MC-1 or Outlaw 950

Hello, I am about to buy a new or used AV processor and have narrowed it down to the Krell HTS, Lexicon MC-1 or Outlaw 950, I would like some feedback from all of you on these three products, my usage will be 80% movies and 20% music, please let me know what you guys think. Prices for the Krell and the Lexicon are almost the same and the Outlaw is about $650.00 less than the others, 5.1 vs. 7.1 is not a big factor for me just the absolute best in sound quaility, the one thing that concerns me about the Krell is that I am by nature a tweaker which you can't do much with the Krell which I could live without if the sound quality was there, also ease of use is very important for my wife, my problem is that I have no way to audition any of these in my home with the exception of the Outlaw via there 30 day trial so I need feedback from people who actually own these products. Thank You for your help.
I recently purchased a used Krell HTS on Audiogon. I am extremely pleased with it. It is very easy to set-up and use. My only criticism is the annoying 2 second delay when starting a CD/DVD or switching sources. Like all Krell products it is built to last a long time. In terms of sonic performance, all I can do is compare it with my previous used Pioneer Elite SP99D processor. A big improvement, the Krell is far quieter in use and sonically a big improvement. In conclusion I am happy with my Krell HTS, even though it is only 5.1 DD and DTS capable (who needs 7:1 any way?).
I'll second the Krell HTS. Bought a used one two weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Am using the DAC inside for cd's and it sounds excellent. Movie sound is much better than the Newcastle 9080 AVP I was using. Also Krell quality and it looks better than the Lexicon. These are going pretty cheap right now too, only paid 1325 locally and am seeing them go for 1500 on Audiogon. Alot of good with little drawback for the money. Doesn't have Prologic II, analog bypass, or the latest 7.1 and isn't upgradeable to 7.1. If you do buy the Krell, to tell that you have the latest software the display will go off after one minute. If it stays lit you can have it upgraded for free I believe. Good Luck.