Krell HTS 'designed' for balanced cables

I read on a different forum that the Krell HTS was designed to work best with balanced cables. I have just got my unit, and was wondering whether any of the people here who own the HTS have tried both types, and whether the balanced cables did come out on top? I have decent interconnect cabling now, and was wondering whether to spend any time evaluating balanced cables.

Thanks for any feedback, Vivek
I have found that balanced cables do sound significantly better. It has to do with the fact that they are grounded and reject rfi noise, making the hiss you sometimes hear in the backround, disappear. I have an HTS and run all connections to the amp in balanced.
Thanks for the response.
I agree with Ericbee. I use all balanced cables for my HTS and KAV-250a amps. The sound is much better with balanced cables.