Krell HTS, Classe SSP-50, or Lexicon MC-1

I am looking to purchase a used processor for around 2000, my research has led me to these 3 processors, which are all good choices, I am just asking the experts which they like better. My current set up is the Sony Progressive Scan DVD player, Revel Front speakers, B&W front and surround speakers powered by 2 Classe 150, and a Classe CAV-150. Thanks for all your insight!
It depends on how much you use the system for movies vs. music. If your usage favors movies, the MC-1 is plain awesome, especially if you set up the 7.1 speaker configuration. The Classe has the reputation for some of the best 2-channel music support in the pre/pro area, so if music is your primary concern, you should dig deeper on that one. I, personally, would stay away from the Krell - I love their amps, but not their HT processors. I had the MC-1 until I upgraded to the MC-12 and loved it for both music and movies. I've never heard the Classe, just read the reviews. -Kirk
I would recommend SSP-50. I have it and use it with Classe amps amd pre-amps. Synergy is added bonus. Highly reliable. Great to look at, particularly with similar Classe components. I have not heard the other two!
You are going to have to go out and listen. I just purchased a Krell HTS to go with Krell KAV500 and Infinity Prelude MTS in a dedicated home theater. This will also be used as a music room for stereo. I have a Lexicon unit and compared to the Krell on stereo, its simply flat, there is no depth or soundstaging. Agree that it is great for theater. Haven't heard the Classe but the Classe SSP-30 just got rave reviews by The Perfect Vision. I took a good listen to the Revel Performa Line before buying the Prelude MTS, (Couldn't pass up the deal). The Performas can certainly sound HUGE with great soundstaging. Try to demo them in your own system.
Hi biggytaz,
I would highly recommend the Krell HTS. It does both movies and music w/equal aplumb. I own it and have a Revel Performa set up for HT and it rocks. At first I had the HTS and the KAV-500 but found the '500 lacking. The Revel spkrs are not the easiest to drive and the '500 just could not do it. I have since added the Plinius SA-250, L&R fronts, and the Aragon 8008bx3, CNTR and rears. The Revels now sing in appreciation of all the clean power they receive. Chk out my system on the virtual systems section here on the 'gon. good luck, I hope I've helped you in your decision making.....John