Krell HTS Change from 60 to 50Hz

Does anyone know how to change my US purchased Krell HTS to work in Europe on 50 Hz? I am using a 220V to 110V step down transformer to power my US spec HTS. Unfortunately I get a "Frequency Error" message when I power it up. I presume this is something to do with European mains frequency being 50 Hz versus 60 Hz in the States. Does anyone know how to set the HTS to run at 110V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz?
It's a good question-one which I don't think you'll find the answer to unfortunately-I have a friend in the same boat although his is a different unit by Krell.
He believes it is hardwired using a chip that sees the different frequency and doesn't allow the amp to get beyond standby.
This is to avoid importing at a much cheaper price.
Absolute Sounds in the UK will fix for you-the cost is £300.

Yes, Ben is correct. On the newer Krell equipment there is a programable chip in a socket that monitors the voltage frequency and it must be changed for different voltage frequency. There is one my FPB amp and it's labeled as 60 Hz. The chip is pretty easy to remove but I don't know Krell will sell you the chip.

As an alternative to 300 pounds for a conversion, pick up a used PS Audio P300 here on Audiogon. You can reconfigure the P300 internally to run off 220v, but you can still output 110v, and set the Freq to 50 Hz.
In the end I solved my Krell mains frequency blues by patching the onboard software in the microcontroller in my 300iL. If you have the right tools and the right knowledge, it's not that hard.

Iampivot - what's the right tools to do the patching of software?
Hi can you do that modification ? can i send you the chip end you modify it ? how muck do you want do to this i took home a hts2 home to sweden and it have frequens error
Yes, I to would like to know if the PS Audio P300 fix works. Sounds good to me.