Krell HTS and static electricity?

The last year that I've had my HTS, there have been some weird problems with static elec. When I walk across my living room to put in a new dvd, the static off of my body makes my hts go crazy. I need to turn it off then on again to get anything to work. I've also re-booted it several times but the problem seems to come back. Please help!!
I too have the HTS and have similar problems. My floor is carpeted and the static electricity occasionally causes my HTS to temporarily shut down. It doesn't shut off it just mutes for about 5 seconds and then comes back on. Never had to reboot or turn it off. Call Krell and tell them. 203-799-9946
The unwanted jolt is scrambling your component's digital brains. In Eric's case, a protective procedure is activated, but in your case it seems the current overload is too much, and the component can't even execute this "program". Turning your component off and on again is like rebooting your computer after it crashes. There was another thread recently about static electricity -- would be good to find it. The solution will be in controlling or dissipating the static before you get to your component.
Thanks for your help. I wonder if any other processors do the same? You'd think for 5-6000 dollars they'd have this figured out. Again thanks Jayboard.
always discharge yourself on the case etc before touching main controls.
Don't worry. The problem is common among digital processors - especially during the winter season.
My $7K Classe' SSP-50 does the same thing. The static is enough for the processor to lose track of the signal and mute for a 3 second relock. Just the other week, I thought I blew a chip because the preamp went haywire and I was unable to use it for 1/2 hour (after many "hard" boot-ups)! It's been fine since then but I make sure I discharge my static build-up by touching a protruding corner wall before I touch the (metal) rack or components.
Good luck.