Krell HTS 7.1 vs. Showcase

I'm looking to combine my HT and stereo due to space... so I need a pre/pro that can really play music. I already have a Krell amp that is fantastic, so the natural choice would be a Krell pre/pro. The question is... is there really a difference between the two? Videoswitching is not important at all.. never use it.
I have owned both.

What I will say is that one of the biggest differences I found between the two is the sound quality. While the Showcase is a fine pre/pro, the Krell HTS 7.1 is better than the Krell Showcase on movies and especially on music. I like to watch a lot of concert footage dvd's and the HTS 7.1 really shines.
I use the HTS7.1 with three krell amps (fpb 350Ms for the two fronts) and a Krell KSA 150 stereo amp to drive the sub and center. The HTS7.1 has worked really well and provides a lot of adjustment options, etc. It had to go in to Krell once (the left channel had gone dead) but they gave me good turn-around time and downloaded the latest software, all on warranty. It works great now and I am very pleased with it. BTW, the fronts are Maggie 20.1s and the center is a Maggie CC-3.
Ok, seems like the concensus is that the HTS 7.1 does indeed sound a bit better...

Puerto- impressive collection of Maggies/Krell you have! I bet it sounds amazing.
I'll also join in to favor the HTS 7.1. It beat many stand alone pres I had over to demo. It doesn't seem to be a popular piece around here, but my experience with it has been extremely favorable, quite contrary to many who "blast" Krell. It is the one piece I've had for the longest time. I've used it with a variety of amps and for 2-channel, M-channel, and movies too.
Audiojan: Thanks, yes, it sounds great (to me). I agree with Dbld that Krell makes an excellent product. Further, I have had good experiences with the service department. Perhaps a bit slow but the results are there. FWIW, I chose Krell all around, Maggies all around and Cobalt Cables all around because I think there is a synergy between like brand products that may be more difficult to obtain with components from all over the spectrum. It's off the HTS7.1 subject line here, but now I am looking for a reasonably priced set of Power Cables to replace the originals on the Krells and Pre/Pro. Again, if a suitable replacement is found, they will all be from the same manufacturer.
You're actually in line with what I'm doing... Krell HTS 7.1 (most likely...), KAV250a and KAV500, Cardas Cross for the front, and some unspecified Cardas (still to be bought) for the rears... MG1.6QR and CC3 for fronts and MGMC1 (4 of them) for rears. A Panasonic projector (can' remember model#) for video.
This is driving me nuts... The Showcase can be had for about 1/2 of that of the HTS7.1... I want really good sound (pri. 1 in stereo since I'm combining a good stereo with my HT). No way for me to audition both, so question is... is there really night and day differences between the HTS7.1 and Showcase? Money is a factor, but not completely deciding. I could eat noodles for a few months and spend the extra if really made that much of a difference... So... what do you say?
Audiojan: With all the other excellent equipment that you have put together, it would seem a shame not to get the HTS7.1. Eat noodles for awhile, you'll be glad you did. Food only lasts in your system for a day or so. The pre/pro is forever (at least a short term forever).
Had the showcase, recently upgraded to the s-1000. I would love to lie, but there is a significant difference. Whether it was worth more than double the price... not sure...

I listen mostly two-channel, the surround on the s-1000 is MUCH better.
I am in the same predicament Krell HTS 7.1 vs. Showcase. I just bought a theta dreadnaught 5 channel and will be driving 4 B&W cdm 7se's all round and don’t have a center yet. I just got back from a nearby dealer here in San Diego and had auditioned both an hts 2 and showcase. I also got to peek inside both. The HTS had a larger power supply and separate circuit board for the analog stage. Also, the store owner recommend to the HTS over the showcase to me if I am more concerned with using the unit as a 2 channel preamp. He also mentioned that the showcase had more surround processing modes and a parametric equalizer adjustment per speaker where the HTS2 did not. Listing, I noticed crisper detail out of the tweeters and wider soundstage. Remember I did cheat a little there and was listning on a pair of 802D's. I did not get to listen to either with more than 2 speakers. I will be returning with my power amp to audition the 2 together on Thursday. I will probably be picking the HTS they want $1600 for it.

If you have gained any more info since OCT please let me know.

Has anyone compared the Krell HTS 7.1 with EQ and 3.7 version software with the Lexicon MC 12 B with EQ and 5.0 version software? I am interested in your expert opinion on the difference between the two re. two channel analog perfomance/listening experience. Thank you all for your kind assistance.

Old thread.... yes, I've heard both, and although the Lexicon is an excellent unit, it always sounded a bit dry and lifeless to me, almost like it was holding back. The Krell on the other hand... well, that's what I ended up buying and have been using now since 2008. Sounds amazing in stereo fully balanced.
hi.. i have owned both... the HTS 7.1 hands down.. had the TAS amp and all cardas Golden reference PC and spk cables with wilson spks... yes.. the HTS made a very noticeable wow! difference.. at least to me..... good luck..
Looking to buy a Krell HTS 7.1. Please let me know if you happen to know anyone interested in selling.