krell hts 7.1 or meridian 568v2?

I am upgrading to one of these two. Any thoughts would be helpful. Dedicated home theater, Revel F 50 speakers and Bryston amplification in a room 14 by 20 ft. 50/50 Ht and music, with the music being primarily rock, randb and jazz. Thanks a lot, mike.
No experience with the meridian, but I couldn't be happier with my Krell 7.1. I've used quite a few processors in our theater over the past 4 years and the Krell 7.1 is by far the superior processor at this time.
No experience with Krell here. Meridian prides itself on upgradability. The 568 has just started it's product life cycle and will most likely be around for a long time. This is something to think about.

Set-up is much easier now with computer software, but you will need a laptop or PC. With multiple ways to set-up this processor, it is easy to get wrong. Only trust yourself or a real expert.

The remote is unique, but is not back-lit for dark theater operation. The 568 has 3 balanced outs if you are using balanced cables for your amps. The chassis is odd shaped euro style and mostly plastic. Inputs are limited unless you add the 562v. Meridian uses their own proprietary DSP's. Modes such as Hall, Stadium, Chamber etc... are actually well executed. Trifield, another proprietary DSP mode, is very good. Ambiasonic is also a rare inclusion.

Hope this helps,

Stewart, thanks for your thoughtful input. Do you find the Meridian "digital"? One of the reasons I am moving away from the Lexicon is a belief-perhaps misguided-that I can do better in terms of smoothing out the overall sound with a better digital program. What speakers are you using with the Meridian? Do you accept the argument that they make that all sacd/dvda will be in the digitaldomain shortly and therefore their lack of analog bypass is irrelevant? thx Mike.
Emster,just curious why your not considering the Bryston
SP1.7.being that your using bryston amplification.