Krell hts 2 - very dissapointing

I owned the krell hts 1 which I loved, I needed a analog by pass for my sony e9000 sacd player, so I sold the hts 1 and went to buy a hts 2, what I found was a hts 2 that was very hot just in the standby mode, a unbeleivable cheap power cord, and only a balanced conection for the analog bypass connection, no rca, which left me out of luck for my sony, needless to say I did not buy it, I am a former krell owner not a krell basher
I like and live with all mid 90's Krell audio (KRC-HR, KPS-20i, 300S) and video (HTS1, 2-250a/3). I was not thinking of getting the new one only to upgrade my HTS1 into 6:1. I am not sure where Krell is headed but, I sold an 300S only to find out a newer 300 FPB was totaly disappointing for me. I could not sell it fast enough to get antoher 300S back in my system. If you talk to them though everything new is obviously better but I know not and it cost me money. I will not switch any more of my equipment though and am very happy/satisfied with what I have now. For solid state equipment I am done spending money on this hobby which for the last 15 years has been a means to an end. You will know when you get there.
Just add the Placette Passive preamp with remote volume to your HTS 1 and enjoy your SACD player. You will be very pleased with the Placette passive. No need to waste money on the HTS 2.
Dear Krell1,

I am very surprised at your opinion of the FPB300. I too have the KSA300S and bought the FPB300 so that I can actively biamp my speakers. Before biamping, I switched amps and found the FPB bettered my KSA in many respects, most noteably in the mid/highs, so it was perfect for that part of my bi-amping.
Since I have done the switch, I am very, very happy!
Also, Samski, why couldn't you buy an adapter and use the balanced jack, single ended? I know nothing about that product, but heard it drive the new LAT 1, and it was fabulous.
In response to Drrdiamond I found thaty I lost some of the characteristics that I liked from the 300S. The impact and dynamics seemed to be less than what I was used to with my B&W 801 III's w/North Creek crossovers. I thought it had a better sound stage and tonality but with the other losses. I know there alot of very happy 300FPB owners out there and like I said earlier If you love it - KEEP IT! My point is that Krell's sonics change as much as their cosmetics.